#2 Good Reads


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1. If you've ever forgotten to drink water, take medication, or even eat, this is the app for you. Aloe Bud started as a Twitter bot that let you send emoji resources and watch the 8-bit garden grow. When they announced they were making an app, I jumped on the beta-testing and use it every day. It helps me keep track of the little things I need to do to take care of myself, with the most gentle and kindest reminders. 

2. It's ok to take it slow, and notice the changes in your life as they happen.

3. This book has been out for a while, but if you haven't read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, you're missing out. No matter what situation you're in, a bit of creativity can get you through it. When I found this book, I was feeling like I had lost my childhood curiosity and wasn't sure how to get through the rut I was in. Listening to the audiobook was a great experience, hearing a guiding and encouraging voice while I worked. Quick but insightful read!

4. 10 time management tips for when it feels like there's no break in sight. Crafting a fulfilling daily life is four parts mindset, and one part action. This article pairs good advice with good wording because sometimes, the right phrasing can just make things *click*.