#2 Goal Check-ins + More


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This quarter, we're focusing on the world of being busy. It might be exciting to fill your schedules to the brim when you're feeling motivated, or frustrating when it feels like you've still got nothing done. To help balance the work with the fun, we've made a template that breaks down your day hour-by-hour.

On one side, you can fill in you're average day, busy or not. The other side is for you to create your most fulfilling day, including the work you want to do along with the activities that fill your soul. 

Our 2018 spring quarter goal check-in is here! We have two options: a full worksheet with space to write and a three-month calendar or a mini with just the prompts for those who want to reflect somewhere else. Pick your preference and download to look back on the past few months, recognize the challenges you faced, and make plans for the next quarter.