#4 Printables + Letter to Self

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Letter to Self

Every year, an email pops in my inbox. It's sent by me, to me, and it holds all the thoughts and hopes I had for myself some twelve months before. In the last couple of years, it's been about what it might feel like after I finished all my exams, after I applied to college and got my results, after I figured my entire life out! :) I always had high hopes but it always surprises me to see that I actually have achieved some of the things I set out to do.

We all grow so much each year and there's nothing like hearing from your past self to show you that. This year, I encourage you to try writing a letter to your future self, and scheduling it for next December (or anytime really!). I've always used FutureMe myself, since it's free, but use anything you like. What do you want to say to yourself in a year? 


The year is almost over. Did it go by fast for you? Or a bit slower? For me, this year marked the start of university and it's made the last 12 months feel long and packed full of memories. Time will always move along, but what we do with it is entirely up to us. This quarter, as we reflect on 2018 and start thinking of 2019 (!), I wanted to encourage all of us to embrace a bit of uncertainty and let things take their course. You never know what opportunities your hard work may bring. 

This quarter, our focus is embracing the unknown. You have two options: a full worksheet with space to write and a three-month calendar or a mini with just the prompts for those who want to reflect somewhere else. Pick your preference and download to look back on the past few months, recognize the challenges you faced, and make plans for the next quarter. 

Let us know how it works for you as we're constantly looking to improve and create things that help you do you.