#7 Goal Check-ins


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This last quarter of the year, I want you to set aside some time to think about how you can support the causes you care about – especially with your creativity. You have two options: a full worksheet with space to write and a three-month calendar or a mini with just the prompts for those who want to reflect somewhere else. Pick your preference and download to look back on the past few months, recognize the challenges you faced, and make plans for the next quarter.

Let us know how it works for you as we're constantly looking to improve and create things that help you do you.


🌟On the topic of acting on the causes we care about, I'm so happy to be sharing the story of the EXPOSURE project.

🌟Making to-do lists for procrastinators...

🌟One of my favorite stories since we've been releasing our new online content is: The Underrated Key to Business with Moonlit Skincare. What a title, right?

🌟That event we mentioned we were hosting? Here's the recap!