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Comeback is a quarterly digital and print magazine.

Focused on developing the relationship creatives have with productivity and their careers, Comeback features stories, interviews, and advice from people in all stages on how they came to know what they wanted and how they're working to get it. Iris Zhou, a 19-year-old girl who sought to find clarity in her own career path and productivity, designs and edits each issue.


Our Mission

We want you to be curious and see where you can take yourself. Comeback is a collection of stories and advice that aims to push creatives to really understand what makes them work and how to best succeed in whatever path they are on. Comeback believes that while no one is in the same place as another, we all have areas we can grow and strengthen through self-discovery, motivation, and openness. A comeback is not just a return to former glory; it’s going beyond what was thought possible.

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