interview w/ At Heart Design

Imagery from At Heart Creative

Imagery from At Heart Creative


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For this quarter, I got to talk to Antonella Morelli, a visual designer based in Byron Bay and creator of At Heart Design, a project to connect with inspiring people while working for positive change. She works with ethical and sustainable entrepreneurs to help them spread their message in an impactful way.

Tell us the story of how you got to where you are today.

Since the moment I finished university I knew I wanted to travel the world and gain experience as a graphic designer. During that journey, I worked in many different fields, Fashion, Hospitality, Marketing, Music Festivals in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Netherlands.  

During the time I lived in Germany I was really inspired by working for Startup companies and non-profits that were making a positive impact in their communities. I helped them develop their brand identity and working for such inspiring people made me want to continue helping these people achieve their dreams serving them with communication tools so they can spread their message to the world in an impactful way. Thats how At heart was born.


What pushed you to start At Heart Design with such strong values in place?

The need to connect with people that inspire me to continue believing that we can make positive change. When you work for something that matches your values in life and mission, it's so much more rewarding and motivating.

How do you think creatives are able to make a difference for the causes they care about?

Art/Design has always been a very powerful tool to create awareness and to put in front of people topics that otherwise would be ignored. We as creatives can choose what brands we support and who we don't support based on their values.