interview w/ creatives drink


This interview was first published in our Spring 2018 newsletter.

In a coffee shop two years ago, Cody Baker and Chancelor Humphrey started Creatives Drink in an effort to bring together the like-minded creatives of Pittsburgh, PA. It started with 75 people, free drinks, and open to anyone of any creative field. Today, Creatives Drink is an event selling out museums/venues with more than 1,000 people. We talked to Cody about why they started and how they grew their idea.

How did you get creatives to attend your first event?

We got creatives to attend our event by having free beverages and also free admission. Also, I think we were fortunate enough to introduce a new concept at the right time when Pittsburgh was in need of more activities to attend. 

What about the event do you think makes it such a good place to make connections?

Everyone is like-minded. It could be models meeting photographers or entrepreneurs finding the right connection with an influencer to market their idea. It is one large group of people that could all utilize each other's professions which can grow the city as a whole.


For people just starting to attend events like Creatives Drink, what would you recommend to get the most out of their experience?

I'd recommend that you come open minded and willing to say hello to someone who brushes past you. It's 100% not your traditional networking event and you do not need to dress up, wear a name tag, or any of the typical boring networking procedures!

How have you maintained the growth with each event?

The growth has maintained (in my opinion) by always moving to different locations, partnering with new brands, and going stronger with our marketing campaigns. 


What lessons have you learned from each event, both about running Creatives Drink and about how people interact?

My mindset of Creatives Drink has completely changed from our first to our last events. I have realized more how people can utilize our events for their own good as well as how we can work together with brands to make the events bigger and find resources to do so. Slow and steady has been a good phrase along with always just asking, even if I'm not sure what the response may be.