No One Cares What You’re Doing

It is funny in the sense that we don’t always realize we’ve been given good advice immediately. A few months ago, whilst talking to a friend about something that was bothering me, she said, “Can I tell you something? No one is watching you. No one cares what you’re doing. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves.”

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Nabeela ParkarNabeelaComment
Making the Most of Meaningful Feedback

Meaningful feedback is one of the most powerful resources we can access in our quest for creative growth. Deflecting feedback, seeking safe feedback, or taking feedback personally is a recipe for making sure we attract only useless validation. But what does meaningful feedback consist of, where can we find it, and how do we utilize it effectively?

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Allie WangComment
The Best Feedback

Not all feedback is awkward, not all feedback is constructive, and not all feedback has to be formal. A great way to open the dialogue for both constructive and positive feedback is to ask, “what went well and what could have gone better?”

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Randalyn HillRandalynComment