Let's talk about – Feeling Official

Artwork by Iris Zhou

Artwork by Iris Zhou


When was the first time you said you were a creative?

That first time you proclaim "I am a photographer/designer/writer/social media strategist." I distinctly remember the first time I made it official when I printed it on some business cards. Holding a piece of paper with my name and "Founder and Editor of Comeback Magazine" underneath made me feel like everything I was doing was real. It never stops being exciting. I went a conference over a year ago and I remember seeing my title on my badge.

Even now, I am still shy to say that title out loud, especially when talking to new people. I don't feel like this business is successful enough to have such a serious title. That feeling is ridiculous (because this magazine is real regardless of how many see this), but it's there. Legitimizing your craft shouldn't be necessary, but it still is for me. It motivates me to work harder and meet more people, establish my existence in the local community. Maybe then, when "founder" rolls off the tongue a few more times, I'll feel 99% official.

It's a crazy thing these labels can do. We may not hold them forever, but for now they describe a part of our time that will always have existed, no matter in what form.

When did you feel "official"? What helps you feel more official and what helps you feel less? How has feeling officially [whatever you are] effected how you work?

I've got a story about something that happened that both made me feel more and less legitimate in my work. If you want to hear it, call me out in the discussion below!