Essentialism + How the Creative Field is Changing


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⭐️ Creative professionals are being asked to do more and more, living up to the generalized title of “creative”. Here’s how some photographers are showing their creative muscle without giving away work for free. 

⭐️ Being an Essentialist is not necessarily the same as being a minimalist. I read this book recently and it provides some good questions to remember the next time opportunity knocks.

⭐️ Influencer marketing in 2020. What’s it going to look like?

⭐️ When you work in social media, you may want to have different mindsets with approaching your personal versus clients’ media, just for the sake of your mental health. Social media all day everyday can get overwhelming.

⭐️ Everyone needs a team to take things farther. In today’s world, that team is often in all sorts of locations around the world. Here’s how to build a strong remote team.


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