No More Scrolling + Tips for Social Media


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⭐️ Look at this with a twist: 7 rookie mistakes when hiring a social media agency is really 7 things you can do to help your own social media business shine.

⭐️ The Alexander Wang on balancing business and creativity.

We always try to apply creative thinking to business decisions and business acumen to the creative process.
— Alexander Wang

⭐️ A bill has been proposed to ban infinite scrolling, impost usage reminders, and other aids to make those how-did-I-just-spend-an-hour-scrolling moments a little less common.

⭐️ Now that likes are going away, should Instagram get rid of follower counts too?

Too often number of likes or followers is confused with the number of people served.
— Michele C. Heyward for Forbes

⭐️ 33 whole instagram hacks

⭐️ Tips for when your social strategy is plateauing 

It seems like everyone is trying to find the golden ticket, vying for that magical social or business strategy that will grow encouragingly and weather the unpredictable future of small creative business.

I hope these have helped spur some thinking and if you’ve found that ticket and want to share your story, fill out the contact from and let’s collaborate!

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