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A while back, I was asked about my time management tips and how I was able to say that my first year of college wasn’t too busy when it came to academics. I had my answer, but I also realized that what I had been doing was different than my strategy in high school, and was also different than what I would do the following summer.

Time management is a big topic (we even had a whole issue about it, #9!) and I think it’s important to recognize that even if you find the perfect strategy, it won’t be perfect all your life. Situations change and our own personalities change too. Sometimes we won’t see it coming and other times we just won’t know how we’ll react.

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I posted on our Instagram Stories (@comebackmag!) asking for the ways others have noticed themselves change over the years. Some found positive growth: “I’ve become independent and mature in such short a period of time, it surprises me at times.” Others were “putting less weight on what people think [they] should do with my life (deciding for myself)” and acting with “patience and grace.”

Of course, change isn’t always easy and graceful. One person found themselves with more “confidence, strength, work ethic + ambition! (also more anxiety though).” Another noticed change in “mostly outlook stuff ): less patience, more self criticism, that kind of thing.”

This past summer for me felt so different than before and part of that was my own newfound anxiety. I watched as others traveled the world or attended meetings at the White House. I had a lot of feelings throughout the summer and I had to learn to deal with this anxiety I never had before. We change in many ways throughout our lives and we have to adapt.

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Alongside the anxiety was the challenge of doing my work now that motivation was lacking and I didn’t have the confidence I did before. It took some trial and error but with time I readjusted my working schedule and reduced my tasks for each day. Even though it didn’t feel good to be less productive, I tried to be kind to myself by recognizing the change that was happening. I keep reminding myself that I will ramp up to full speed again, but slow and steady is what i need now.

Adapting to change is never a completed task. We are constantly changing, in different ways and in different areas of our lives. It takes awareness and kindness to be your best even when you might not know how.

So, how have you changed in the past few years, or even months? How do you adapt to the change as it comes?

p.s Life is a balancing act and more discussions about being a young creative.

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