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Let's talk about – Your Start

I often look to see what decisions people have made that ultimately put them on the road they're currently on. Did they plan for this? Was this a tight swerve that came in out of the blue? We all have some very different ways of getting to today and it helps a bit to know that my own way is always developing. Let’s talk about our starts and look back on beginnings to better understand just how far we’ve come.

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Let's talk about – Feeling Official

I distinctly remember the first time I made it official when I printed it on some business cards. Holding a piece of paper with my name and "Founder and Editor of Comeback Magazine" underneath made me feel like everything I was doing was real. When did you feel "officially" a photographer/designer/whatever you want to be?

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Let's talk about – Our Internet Selves

In this discussion, Iris talks about her challenges deciding what to post on social media as a young creative who is an individual and representing others. How do you decide what you share on social media? What kind of part of you are you trying to show through your content? How do you put your voice into everything you do?

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