Let's talk about – Talking (About What You Do)


I was sitting on a panel earlier in June and the introductions rolled around to me. I list through my basic facts: name, age, school, and field of study. The other panelists mentioned their passions, from civil engagement to medical advancement. I was in the business world and the creative world. As much as I enjoy what I do, talking about it when it is so different from others can always be a bit awkward.


Last month, we talked about when you felt "official" in what you do. You are a photographer, not just someone who takes photos (like everyone does). You're a designer, not just a slide deck writer with a good eye. Feeling officially is exciting. I've tried on the hats of "magazine editor" and "small business owner" and they sit comfortably when I'm in my bubble. By bubble I mean other people in the same industry, other creatives around the world on Instagram, and just other people who like doing creative things. When I step out of that bubble, I feel an odd sense of having to prove that the hats fit to every new audience.

I know I don't have to, but I feel it. I'm slowly learning to talk about my creative endeavors, making sure to include both the nitty gritty of what I do and the big picture vision that I'm working towards.


Not everyone will get it. And while it can be frustrating to look back upon blank faces, it just tells me that these aren't the people I'm creating for. These aren't the people Comeback can help, inspire, or support unless they come to us on their own.

When you're out in the world, how do you talk about your job/business/freelancing/creative project? Does that change based on audience? How did you get so confident? :)