What I Know About Time

Photography by Randalyn Hill

Photography by Randalyn Hill


The weird thing about time is that we all only have so much of it but it seems like some people have found a way to maximize their time to only do the coolest things. To write the coolest blogs, to eat the coolest food, to celebrate at the coolest places, to make the coolest art. We live in a world that is ruled by time.

Time a strangely finite resource. It can feel unlimited but at some point, we run out of it. As we’re never truly sure when we’ll run out of time, it’s important that we make the most of the time we have, amiright?

Let’s talk about what I’ve learned about time both a young professional and a young creative.


1) My time is valuable

I know, this one feels like common sense, but when you’re starting out as a young professional or a young creative it can be challenging to understand that your time is precious. When you start out and are a beginner, you’re encouraged to take your time, to really learn things, to do it all from the ground up. However, as you grow up and gain experience – you have to be able to step away from the tasks that are a time suck because your time is money!

2) I can’t do it all

One word. No. This is something I’m still struggling with as I want to be everything to everyone. I overbook myself; I stress myself out, and most of all, I burn myself out when I don’t say no. If the ask being made of me doesn’t serve my goals, it’s not a commitment I’m willing to make.

3) I don’t want to do it all

There are some people who thrive doing all the things. They can handle the gym, laundry, cooking, cleaning, work, meeting friends, meditating, and a side hustle. I’m not one of those people. I really don’t want to be either. I’m aiming to create the freedom to have a slow morning, or spur of the moment get coffee with a friend. I want space to live slow because that’s where my most creative self lives.

So, let’s talk about my favorite ways to make the most of the time I have:


1) Block the time on your calendar

The easiest way for me to make something happen is to have it on my calendar. There are few things that don’t end up on my calendar. As of late, dinners with friends, grocery shopping, and writing all have a place on my calendar. This not only helps me move on from task to task when I have a long and busy day, but it also helps me build in time to rest and do nothing every few days so I can recharge and recuperate.

2) Understand what your top priorities are

One of my favorite parts about being a human is being an individual. The list of things that matter to me is totally different from the list of things that matter to my best friend or my coworker or my mom. Each and every single one of us see and experience the world in a different way. Because of that, we have different things that we focus on. We have different goals we want to achieve. Most of all, we don’t share the same priorities.

It’s important to get clear on your priorities so you know what to be doing when you create space for you to be creative by putting that time on the calendar.

3) Get accountable

Okay, I know what you’re thinking! “Sticking to my calendar is hard.” You would be correct. Which is why I recommend starting this process with someone who is going to make you accountable to your commitments. Make sure that human is going to make you put your laptop away when you’re supposed to be resting and that they won’t let you watch a full season of Grey’s Anatomy when you’re supposed to be working.

After all, time is a beautiful thing if you can make it work to your advantage in place of being a restraint for your dreams. Here’s to saying no, upholding the integrity of our calendars, and getting accountability!

Randalyn Hill is one of our monthly contributors. After blogging for a combined total of over 200 days she started a creative newsletter in January of 2019. During that time, she started freelancing as a photographer and a content writer. Not long after she started full time at Ama La Vida she quickly realized she would get an opportunity to leave a creative imprint there as well through their social media and the company blog. Her current focuses outside of work are growing the creative community in Chicago and finding the best gluten free pizza around.