Let's talk about – Your Start

Artwork by Iris Zhou

Artwork by Iris Zhou


How'd you get your start?

I know this is a question I'm always curious about when doing interviews. It gives me a look into the path that they took to where they are today and all the lessons they've learned on the way. At times, the path that is in the past is almost more interesting than the steps they will take forward. I haven't grown out of my youthful, messy sense of direction when it comes to career and what I dedicate my life to. As I've gotten older, however, my values have come out stronger and the things I will prioritize all my life have become cemented. Still, I have no sense of how to get to those priorities.

That's why a person's backstory can be so intriguing. I often look to see what decisions they made that ultimately put them on the road they're currently on. Did they plan for this? Was this a tight swerve that came in out of the blue? We all have some very different ways of getting to today and it helps a bit to know that my own way is always developing.

Here is my start: blogging. I picked up on accident a blogging guide from the local library as a kid and set up my Blogspot that same evening. This was my foray into the Internet world and it turned out to be a world of card-making, crafts, and amazing businesswomen of all ages. I was doing an interview today, actually, and I realized this is what motivated me to continue being creative and, importantly, share it with others.

As I got older, I moved from cards to lifestyle. I still think that maybe if I kept up with it, and made some smart moves, I'd be a big-time influencer you'd see in your Explore feed. :) It taught me so much, but in the end what did I really have to say? I was fourteen.

The summer before high school gave me the idea for the magazine. I loved paper goods, of course, and print was so very much alive to me. I was excited to design and be creative, while sharing stories of others that were valuable and insightful. It's been a business adventured that's paralleled my own growth closely and vividly.

The next steps are a blur, and I can't wait to ask some amazing people about theirs as well. For now, I'd like to ask you, what was your start? How'd you end up here? What experiences have really surprised you, or went exactly to plan?