Working (and Staying Friendly) with Friends & Family

“It’s hard to attract clients without a portfolio, and hard to build a portfolio without clients. “ For a lot of young creatives, starting with family and friends is the best way to get a foothold. It’s not always the easiest to mix business with friendship so Allie Wang shares her best advice for keeping things amicable and productive for your creative career.

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Let's talk about – Your Start

I often look to see what decisions people have made that ultimately put them on the road they're currently on. Did they plan for this? Was this a tight swerve that came in out of the blue? We all have some very different ways of getting to today and it helps a bit to know that my own way is always developing. Let’s talk about our starts and look back on beginnings to better understand just how far we’ve come.

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How You Spend Your Time

"But the truth is that everyone is ready for different things at different times, be it relationships, getting a driver’s license or even going to university." Comeback writer Nabeela Parkar talks time and the different ways we use it for our goals and sometimes, just for the fun it brings us.

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