#10 Perspective

Lily Hatten from Artemis Rising Photography

Lily Hatten from Artemis Rising Photography


In our final regularly-printed issue, we talked about the most important topic we could ever discuss: perspective. The way you see the world influences how you go through life, holding yourself up. This issue covers viewing the big picture, seeing ourselves through our own lens, and looking at problems a different way, amongst many other topics.

Includes stories with: Nabeela Parker on looking at things through a different lens; Tasha Osborne of clothing company The Edited; Samantha Murdoch of The Well, a meeting place for women; Kuro Studies and Mia Ong on how bullet journaling has affected their view on time; and three creatives on how they look ahead as CEO’s, coaches, and more.

February 2019



Planning Ahead

with KuroStudies and Mia Ong

The Well

Interview with Samantha Murdoch

Tasha Osborne

Interview with The Edited


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