#7 Setbacks

Photo by Mollie Crutcher

Photo by Mollie Crutcher


We all face them and they can't be avoided, as hard as we may try. Setbacks are a part of our lives and we can all learn ways to handle them a little bit better. Issue 7 shares the stories of creatives and how they handled their biggest setbacks, what they learned, and how we can all be a little gentler on ourselves.

Includes stories with: 
- Giselle Melendres, founder of Mad Sounds Mag
- Sarmad Iqbal, on how his childhood taught him a lifetime of productivity advice
- Sadie Solomon, founder and creator behind EmmieBean Custom Portraits
- Lou Dennig, Hollywood producer
- Tannya Bernadette , on trusting your intuition
- and how to deal with setbacks with Sarajane Case, Rod Judkins, and John Foley.

October 2017



Giselle Melendres

Interview with Editor of Mad Sounds Mag

Sadie Solomon

Interview with EmmieBean


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