#8 Grow

Photo by Amalie Orrange

Photo by Amalie Orrange


At the beginning of each year, it seems like we start anew, searching for ways to grow ourselves that we would have swept to the side any other time of the year. With some careful thought and planning, however, that growth could be more than another new years resolution. Issue 8 is all about changing your perspective on goals: setting them, keeping them, and rolling with the inevitable punches along the way. You’ll learn to move on from the defeats and grow your network, your projects, and ultimately your understanding of yourself.

February 2018

Includes stories with: 
- Brooke Bohinc, on growing at your own pace
- Amalie Orrange of Amalie Orrange Photography
- Sophie French, sharing tips for cultivating constant growth
- Lorri Antosz Benson, tv producer turned author
- Kailee Powers, photographer who grew with the business she started in high school
- Justine Hong, on growing her network in the world of sneakers
- Collective Chemistry, a Seattle coworking space focused on freelancers
- Rose Wheeler, on forgiving to move forward
- Anthony Bashkin, on the process behind creating his Waldorf Murals
- and art by Emily Sollitt.




Amalie Orrange

Interview with Orlando photographer

Cultivating Growth

by Sophie French

Collective Chemistry

Working together to grow together



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