Planning Ahead

Interview with @kurostudies


Kuro is an 18 year old who bullet journals. Kuro is in Year 12 and likes fresh baked goods, studio ghibli, pastels, lychees, and Lara Jean Covey’s outfits.

The Start

I found out about bullet journaling during my freshman year of high school, mostly because of some study accounts I visited on Tumblr from time to time. I immediately loved both how creative and practical they were; I started mine at the beginning of 2016 and have been doing it since! Bullet journaling is a great way for me to relax, especially because I’m interested in math and science so very few of my classes are creatively driven. My experience has been almost completely positive, and most of my friends who journal would say the same thing!

Days to Years

My day-to-day planning mostly consists of task completion; as a student most of the things I have to do daily are homework and chores. For daily tasks, my goals tend to be just to “finish the whole thing”— to me, anything that takes less than an hour and a half or so can probably be finished all at once. For longer-term projects, I tend to split them into parts along a reasonable timeframe- like reading 100 pages of a book a week, for example. I keep a weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar of upcoming events! These can be meetings, doctor’s appointments, birthdays, etc. It really helps me with scheduling to have everything in one (offline) place.


Looking at Time

I would say that bullet journaling has really made me appreciate the present. Even though sometimes it’s a little overwhelming (like when I have 20+ tasks that I’ve allowed to pile up all at once)

I love looking back at old spreads- not just to see how my style has progressed artistically but also because those spreads remind me of the times I was making them. I’m the kind of person who always tends to look forward- to the next test, the next deadline, the next year- so being able to see how I’ve progressed personally is a really healthy exercise that helps keep me grounded in what I’m doing right now.

Most of my focus is on just what’s happening in the next week- I’m a generally busy person, so looking too far in advance can be pretty stressful, since the number of tasks I have to do quickly grows over time. The one exception to this is probably long-term projects or major changes, since those need significant advance planning.

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Staying Organized

Interview with Mia Ong

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.23.37 PM.png

Mia Ong is the person behind popular bullet journaling Instagram @studyng. She is 17, from Malaysia, and is also on YouTube.

I started bullet journaling back in 2015 as an attempt to organize my life. I was in a productivity slump for the longest time and wanted to turn things around. Overall it has been a great experience for me, I get to express myself creatively on top of staying organized.

Day-to-day planning mostly consists of daily to-dos, simple weekly goals but when I plan my year I include long term goals, for example this year I want to step out of my comfort zone and read more. I also include a 'future log' where I can write down all potential events this year.

Time management has always been something I struggled with, but bullet journaling has helped me make use of my time more efficiently.

I'm able to break down large projects and goals into smaller, more doable tasks. I think bullet journal has helped my time management as I'm able to set deadlines for myself and I see those deadlines all the time when I open my journal which helps me avoid procrastinating.

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This story was first published in Issue 10: Perspective.