Let's talk about – What's ahead


One thing I'm always flipping through in my mind is whether I'm thinking about the long-term or the short-term.

As a designer, I get to do what I enjoy the most via this magazine. Because I own and control Comeback, it's up to me to create a greater vision for what I want to create. If I think ahead, the image of Comeback hosting an event comes to mind (happening this August I hope!). If I think even farther, maybe Comeback builds a fund to help other creatives on their projects or hosts retreats for people to focus on their craft. These thoughts are the tangible goals that excite me, but what about my mission? What will I be designing for in the coming years?

Earlier this year, I had lost touch with why I was working on this magazine. I was seeing other magazines fold, and other thrive, and was getting anxious about my own place in the media world. I wasn't sharing anything specific or new, I thought, so why would anyone come to Comeback for content over any other website? Where's my credibility? That question got me thinking, and the next few thoughts became revelations. I am a young, creative person. I've been doing creative things since I was nine and have faced many challenges in the years sense. I've attended fun events for people like me, but no one truly was like me. The gap between understanding was always something to do with age. I wanted there to be a space to discuss starting a business or building relationships without that gap. That goal is what's fueled me so far this year, and I have so much to say about it.

I ask myself those probing questions periodically, often when something just doesn't feel right.

What questions do you ask yourself about your vision for the future? What's ahead for you, short- and long-term? How do you think about the future?